Sessions & Agenda

Session Descriptions

Basics of HR

MIP’s HR module is a building block that adds not only added employee information like education and certification tracking but also adds significant payroll enhancements through Benefit and Leave Plans as well as the ability to script specific custom actions.  This course will introduce and review the primary functions of the HR module..

Advanced HR & EWS

There’s a lot you can do with MIP’s HR.  This session will explore complex Benefit and Leave plans, mass update, multiple employee pay rates as well as enhanced EWS functionality.

Employee Web Services and Benefit Enrollment

If automating timesheets and allowing employees to have more access to their information is a priority for you, EWS may be the answer.  This session will review the timekeeping and reporting capabilities of EWS along with processing Benefit Enrollment through MIP.

MIP Payroll

Every year we see large sums paid to outside processing companies to print checks and produce tax reports.  Additionally, the manual work done to manipulate the data provided in order to post those transactions to MIP is time consuming and subject to balancing and other errors.  Learn how to use MIP Payroll to save time, money and more accurately record employee costs.

Advanced Payroll

Now that you know the basics, we’ll dig deeper into the payroll module and how to make corrections, process off cycle checks, prepare tax filings and year-end reports and forms.

HR Report Writer & Queries

The HR module has its own, separate from accounting, report writer.  Learn how to generate, print and distribute HR reports.  We’ll also discuss querying features for formatting reports.

Electronic Timesheets – Microix or EWS

Which Electronic Timesheet solution is best for your organization?  We’ll compare and contrast both applications in this session.  We’ll discuss polling time clocks, timesheet approval workflows and using Micriox Timesheets in conjunction with the MIP Payroll – HR – EWS solution or using Microix Timesheets standalone.

Integrated Applicant Tracking & Training Management for MIP users

If your organization needs to improve your recruiting, onboarding and employee training requirements then attend this session and learn how Visibility Software’s Cyber Recruiter attracts the most qualified applicants and improves communications between HR and hiring managers. Cyber Train manages all training requirements, course enrollments, and certifications ensuring all is up-to-date and easily accessible.  Learn how to take your MIP HR module to the next level!

Basics of Accounts Payable

Every organization has bills to pay.  In this session, we’ll review the primary AP functions of Vendor Maintenance, writing checks and running AP Reports.

Advanced Accounts Payable

There’s a lot more to Accounts Payable processing then just creating vendors and writing checks.  We will review correcting posted transactions, the proper way to void checks, 1099 processing and other processes beyond the basics.

Increasing Efficiencies in MIP with AvidXchange

AvidXchange is the largest business-to-business payment network in the US, servicing more than 5,000 customers and 400,000 suppliers nationwide.  The solution provides AP professionals with a faster, more reliable and secure way to process invoices and make payments.  AvidXchange enhances MIP’s AP module by helping increase organizational efficiencies, providing greater insight into the overall company cash flow.

Allocations Methodology

Cost allocation is a necessary part of accepting federal grants.  We’ll discuss what the regulations say about cost allocation, including the new 10% de minimus options, understanding the difference between direct and indirect costing and resources for writing your own plan.

Allocations & Distributions

If life were simple you would have a single funding source to report to and every program and location would have discrete costs, easily identifiable.  But, life in a nonprofit isn’t that simple.  Many costs are shared among the various revenue sources, programs, departments and locations.  Allocations and Distributions provide automated tools to share those items equitably and most importantly, defensibly for your auditors.

MIP Built-In Budgets

Unlike the government, our agencies have to live within our means.  Budgets and debt ceilings can be arbitrarily raised.  The MIP Budget module provides the tools to get your budgets entered into MIP along with revisions, multiple versions and actual/budget reporting.  Come learn how to use these tools and ease the burden of staying on track.

Budget Creation Methodology

This session will discuss methodologies behind creating budgets regardless of software application. Learn tips and tricks to making the budget process an easier endeavor.

Fiscal Policies & Procedures

Learn best practices for compiling a Policy & Procedure manual and what to include and/or add to conform with Uniform Guidance and other recent new standards.

PowerPlan Advanced Budgeting

While the MIP Budget Management module does an admirable job of getting your budgets into MIP, many organizations need more sophisticated tools to provide modeling and real depth in budget analysis.  PowerPlan is an integrated tool to create budget “scenarios” that can be manipulated from assumptions and passed around for approvals prior to updating MIP.


It seems like every week, we are requested to help a client bring data into MIP from an outside source.  With payroll services, outsourced AP processing or just the desire to put journal entries into Excel, Importing is a necessary process.  Come to this session and learn how to create import DEFinition files along with some standard practices to make importing easier.  This is a double, hands-on session so be sure to bring a laptop with MIP loaded.

Dashboard and Hosting Options

In this session we’ll discuss the available Dashboard options for on-premises and hosted-cloud users.  This session will be combined with a discussion about available hosting options and the benefits of hosting MIP.

Getting Ready For Audits

In this session the most efficient ways to minimize your preparation time for your audits and what to expect from your auditors.

Document Management & Document Routing Workflows with Paperless Environment

Capture, index and store, retrieve, distribute and archive with Paperless Environment’s PVAULT® to secure and manage electronic content so your organization complies with federal, state and local electronic information requirements.  Extend this functionality with DOC ROUTE™ to distribute content electronically to others in the organization using pre-defined or ad-hoc route rules in-house or externally with ePortal.

Consultants Corner

This session is a Q & A forum where our session leaders address your questions: specific to your organization, not covered in enough detail in our regular sessions, as they relate to best practices or whatever is on your mind.

MIP Reporting Fundamentals

The basic reporting in MIP provides lists, transactions and financial reports along with module specific information.  We will review the built-in MIP Report Writer and show you have to build basic reports using Content, Filters and Options.

MIP Financial Reporting

Financial reports are created with the built-in MIP Reporting tool.  But there are some extra steps that will make your reports more relevant and customizable.  This session will take the basic reporting one step further to dig into financial statement creation and the drill-down viewer.


When all else fails, we fall back to Excel to format our reports or combine data where a native report falls short.  Drillpoint or the MIP Advanced Report Writer is an Excel add-on that allows you to pull information directly from the MIP database eliminating the need to export your reports to fix them up with all the features in Excel.

Transaction Troubleshooting

Transaction Troubleshooting is a very popular and necessary topic.  We all do our best to create accurate input but sometimes, the results aren’t what we expected.  This class will review how to find and fix errors in transaction entry regardless of module.

MIP Administration

Have you ever wondered how to turn off the backup reminder when exiting MIP?  Do you have sufficient security to ensure internal controls are being followed?  This session will review the administration of MIP including security, controls and global and workstation program options.

Tips & Tricks

This general session will show you how to work smarter and more efficiently.  This interactive presentation will highlight many of the things you can do to make your work go faster and more efficiently.

Requisitions with Microix

Purchasing can be a nightmare if policies and procedures aren’t followed.  Using a requisition system helps ensure that money spent is approved and properly coded, helping to maintain budgetary control and authorization integrity.  Microix also has the ability to interface with vendor websites, a full inventory module and other features to help control your costs and processes.

Microix Budgeting

We’ll discuss an alternative to MIP’s Budget module for organizations that require more robust workflows and line item details decentralizing the process to allow mangers to prepare detailed worksheets with narratives for each GL number and enable budgeting for employee/open positions with benefits and allocate to specific cost centers.

Cash Management & Billing Enhancements with Zobrio

See how the Zobrio Cash Management® cloud-based enhancement automates the bank reconciliation process, works with multiple bank accounts, works with credit card acceptance and integrates with MIP.  Additionally, we’ll be discussing Zobrio Billing® which addresses billing, collection and administration of utilities, property tax and excise revenue.

Performance Management

Talent management is a popular request so learn in this session how this enhancement to MIP is designed to help organizations identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success moving forward. This application runs stand-alone or integrated with MIP and Visibility software.

Conference Exhibitors

For our 11th Annual MIP User Conference we are expanding our exhibitor presence.  MIP users have been asking for more information about integrated 3rd party enhancements so we thought bringing a diverse group of vendors to the Conference to exhibit in our General Session ballroom and presenting in a 90-minute breakout session would be beneficial.  For detailed information about the following exhibitors we recommend visiting their respective web sites, spending time with them at the Conference and sitting in on a breakout session.

Advanced Budgeting with Abila MIP Fund Accounting Integration
Budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis


Cyber Recruiter Applicant Tracking (ATS)
Cyber Train Training Management (TMS)
Extend the Abila MIP Fund Accounting HR Management Suite


Automate the Entire AP Process
Accounts Payable Automation with Abila MIP Fund Accounting Integration

Document Management – Document Routing Workflows

Zobrio Cash Management® and Zobrio Billing®
Enhancement Solutions for Non-Profits and Government Agencies

Talent/Performance Management For Abila MIP Fund Accounting
Standalone or integrated Abila MIP Fund Accounting HR Management Enhancement